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4 Incredible Natural Remedies For Curing Dark Under Eye Circles

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Dark circles are no fun. I know. Unfortunately, I have had to deal with them my whole life. In the past, I have resorted to covering them up rather than attempting to get rid of them. I have used some of the best concealers, powders, and foundations, but to no avail. I was still being plagued with them. Recently, I got tired of using makeup to cover up my circles and decided to implement some natural remedies into my beauty routine. I have had quite a lot of success with them, too! My eyes look more healthy and vibrant than ever before and I couldn’t feel more beautiful.

1. Almond Oil

Many cosmetic companies may have brainwashed you into being terrified of putting any kind of oil on your face, but never fear. Like anything, there are good and bad oils, and almond oil is an example of a of a very healthy oil that is great for curing under eye circles. Simply apply it once every night before bed, leave it overnight, then rinse it off with cold water every morning. Repeat these steps until you see no more dark circles!

2. Raw White Potato

This one sounds really weird, but it actually works! Whether you knew it or not, white potatoes are actually great for curing dark under eye circles. To get the full benefits of the potato, you have two options; You can either grate the potato or slice it. To grate the potatoes, gather one or two raw potatoes and grate them both to extract the juice. Then, soak the juice in a cotton ball and place it over your closed eyes. Make sure that the juice stays on your eyes for 10-15 minutes.

If you would rather use potato slices, cut the potatoes thickly, then let them sit on your eyes for around the same time. Continue this process once or twice a day for a few weeks until your circles are gone.

3. Cucumber

I know that you’ve seen this so many times in the movies, but the question is, does it actually work? The answer is yes! Cucumbers not only get rid of dark under eye circles; they are also a great refresher, especially if you spend many long hours working on the computer or watching television. To use cucumbers, just cut them into slices and let them sit over your eyes for approximately 10 minutes. In addition to being a great refresher and curing under eye circles, cucumbers naturally lighten the skin over time.

4. Rose Water

Like cucumber, not only is rose water a great cure for under eye circles, it also has a rejuvenating effect on the skin, and serves as a great skin toner. I love putting it on my face in the mornings to give my eyes the appearance of being more awake then they actually are. Plus, who doesn’t love that rose smell that comes with it?

I just soak a cotton eye pad in rose water for a few minutes, put the pad in my closed eyelids, then leave them on for 15 minutes. I follow these steps twice a day for a few weeks.

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