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5 Reasons you need to bring back the Dhoti to your wardrobe

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Many people live under the false impression that dhoti is a thing of the past. In reality, this versatile fashion couture is making a comeback with a twist. This traditional Indian bottom wear has caught the hype in recent days as a funky street fashion but it is far more versatile in terms of making an outfit. Here are 5 reasons why you need to load your closet with Dhoti and which type of dhotis you should choose.

Making Fusion Indo-Western Style:

The dhoti on its own has a traditional feel to it and one can easily make a fusion outfit from it. Indo-western styles are a rage these days you will find a bunch of people trying to shine with the Indo-Western outfits. Since these creative outfit ideas look aesthetic the younger generation is inclined to try them out. As it makes for fashionable Instagram pictures and who would not love to flaunt a good outfit? The simplest Fusion outfit for a low-key event can be a long shirt with the dhoti. Any solid long-length shirt or short kurta will work as you have to pair it with a contrasting colour dhoti.

The evergreen Dhoti Kurta Combo:

You cannot deny the fact that a simple dhoti and kurta make the perfect outfit no matter what the occasion. You just need to know the right way to wear it and the whole outfit that you create will only reflect royalty. There are a plethora of kurta options out there that you can wear with your dhoti. With a dhoti, you can turn a simple kurta look a notch up. Experimenting with colours, prints, and patterns is the key here and you need to accessories the whole look elegantly.

Added Comfort: 

Dhoti is originally from the southern states of India like Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and also Maharashtra. In Maharashtra, it is known as ‘dhotar’. The temperature in these regions is on average higher than in the rest of the regions. Justifying the demand for a comfortable bottom like the Dhoti. The way it is draped makes it a very breathable garment. And it is the best outfit option for the humid weather.

Ditching the Basic Jeans:

It is advised for you to ditch the basic jeans and kurta, and try out the traditional dhoti. You can perk up a simple style with a solid or printed dhoti. Wearing it with some Kolhapuri chappal makes the whole outfit great daytime wear. A fabulous printed kurta will go well with an otherwise understated Dhoti. You can style it even more with a statement jacket or a Nehru Jacket. This outfit can be worn at a wedding reception or sangeet and it will definitely be a complete winner.

DIY your Dhoti style:

A Draped Dhoti gives a different appeal in itself. There are so many videos circulating on the internet about these DIY Dhoti’s being draped using a saree. The designs and colour on the saree’s fabric will add a different flavour to your look. You can style it easily with some embellished Jodhpuri Juttis completing the dashing look.

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