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Confused to Give An Islamic Gift? Here are the Tips To Choose!

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Before every Eid, we become very excited about which Islamic gifts we should buy to give. Here is the list of recommendations you can ponder over in tackling this confusion. So, keep reading on!

Ghida Mugs are available for purchase:

We’ve all met that one person who can never have enough cups for their morning cup of tea or coffee. Alternatively, perhaps you’re in the market for one and wouldn’t mind sharing yours. You’ll stand out from the crowd with these two Arabic-inscribed mugs.


Whether it’s for Eid or Jummah, these traditionally styled outfits, sustainably sourced, will have your loved one looking their best. Pick either a chechia or a Kadroun cloak fashioned from Hayek cloth, whatever you like. Tuniq works with Tunisian weavers and craftsmen who have been perfecting their trade for centuries to obtain a wide selection of clothes and items.

It’s my first Eid onesie!

Most people resort to buying clothing for the smallest of children since finding anything for them can be tough. This cotton onesie is both comfy and adorable for the occasion. You’ll have a blast perusing the plethora of different options available.

Laptop Stickers by Beni:

Beni’s geometric ‘Zalij’ laptop stickers are inspired by North African art and will liven up anyone’s laptop. There is a range of attractive designs to choose from when it comes to these vinyl decals.

VSSL Emergency Preparedness Kit

No matter how bizarre, we couldn’t leave this one off the list. It’s a terrific gift for anyone who enjoys being outside, whether they’re avid hikers or parents who want to make camping more exciting for their children. If the worst happens, you’ll be prepared with this little survival pack. Is there anything I can do for you? What’s the matter? Everything is at one convenient location.

Arabic Letter Cutters for Play Dough:

It’s no secret that kids like to play with dough. As parents, you want to ensure that your children’s playing is both enjoyable and instructive. These Arabic letter cutters are fantastic since youngsters can recognise the letters and learn at the same time.

Backpacks for Children of the Afra Culture:

Children’s backpacks, t-shirts, and lunchboxes produced by Afra Kids, an Indonesian firm, are influenced by Islamic art. For the little Muslims in your life, these designs are excellent since they are bright, unique, and meaningful.

Rugs made of Kilim:

It’s all about the Kilim style rugs right now, and these hand-woven carpets are guaranteed to be a hit. However, the quality is undeniable, and they may cost a lot of money.

True Custom Jewelry Made-to-Order:

Ever dreamed of having your name carved into the Arabic alphabet? As a result, Live True uses their calligraphy staff to convert your selected word into a heart-shaped gift of devotion. Stainless steel, 18K Gold Plated, or 18K Rose Gold Plated are the three materials available.

Prints of Islamic Art:

If you’re looking for a way to show your appreciation for both design and typography, this is the gift for you.


So,you don’t have to worry about whether or not you should be putting that object in your mouth. The simple Miswak has been redesigned. It discovered the cultural and therapeutic advantages of the Miswak while researching the history of dental care and chose to reintroduce it to the Western world. As a result, she was able to come up with a simple brand name and prototype for a Miswak cutter and holder.

Clues in the Company of Others:

This gorgeously drawn and well-designed game is ideal for get-togethers and family time. A present that can be given to the entire family is perfect, as buying gifts for individuals may quickly become prohibitively expensive. Many fantastic materials for children are available at Learning Roots, so check them out.

Children’s Prayer Mats:

These brightly colored prayer mats from the Ibraheem toy home are a great way to get your children interested in their daily prayers. Felt is used to make the mats, which are padded on the inside for added softness. You may choose from four various color schemes and designs for your prayer mats, each with their own distinctive picture.

The Mystery of the Seerah Trail:

However, I’ve found myself putting things together for the kids. It’s another game from Learning Roots, but the professionals couldn’t resist adding it to the list because their work is so good.

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