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Guidelines to Make Your Ecommerce Packaging A Hit

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If you are trying to sell your product online and just started to get engaged with E-commerce, you should know that packaging is a big part of the online shopping experience. In the recent era, people have driven toward the idea of shopping online, and they want their products to be delivered safely. The retailers know the importance of packaging in E-commerce and have turned to mailer boxes wholesale for the custom packaging.

Packaging has more meaning than just getting your product delivered from one place to another. For companies, it has become a resourceful tool of branding and marketing. It is one of the few physical ways in which retailers can interact with their customers.

In this article, we discuss some of the guidelines that can help you put an impactful impression on your customer. This article will also force them to buy your product. Down below, we will discuss the process of making your sales boom with your packaging step by step.

Get Some Inspiration

Working on a blank Canvas is very difficult, but you can become as creative with it as you can. Your packaging is like your blank canvas. You need to be creative and follow the latest trends popular in the market, these days.

For this purpose, you can get inspiration from some of your competitor designs and choose one part that you like. No matter, the idea is to design product placement or get children to like it, try to make sure that you keep all those things in mind.

You can get some foundation tips from your competitor companies and add your touch to show your packaging better than them. It will create something unique but still follow the latest trends that are popular in the market.

Know What Type Of Packaging Your Product Requires

It is another thing that you need to know when trying to decide about the packaging of your product. Here are a few types that you can choose from.

Custom Mailer Box

These corrugated custom boxes are perfect if you want to sell your product online. If you want your product to be packed in a single box to cut down the packaging cost, it is a great option to look out for. They look similar to Pizza boxes and have the proper sturdiness to hold your product safely.

Custom Folding Boxes

This custom box packaging is ideal to hold small and lightweight products. You can use them to pack any product that is sold in a bulk, but each item needs to be packed individually.

Rigid Boxes

These boxes are mainly used to hold valuable products that cost a lot. This packaging makes sure that your product is delivered securely to your customer. It can be used to pack jewelry, mobile phones, watches, and technology.

Should Keep In Mind Its Weight And Placement

Always keep the structure of your product in mind when trying to find the best packaging for it. You need to get its scale weight and measure its placement. It is one of the crucial things that help your product stay safe and sustainable during transportation.

You should know the weight of your product before buying packaging for it. You need something that is going to support its weight. If you get packaging that cannot sustain the weight of your product, you guys will never be able to deliver your product to the consumer safely.

You should also know the measurements of your product. This way, you know what size packaging box will be a great match for your product. This way, you do not need to stuff your product in a smaller box or cushion a bigger box. You will have something that will perfectly fit your product.

Package Design for Your Product

The design of the package is eye-catching. The box or the product is packaged, tells your story and values. Here, we will introduce some points. 

  • What is your first impression of the package? 
  • You can choose a minimal design with a simple logo and product name. For foods, you can add an ingredient list. The possibilities are endless.
  • What kind of offbeat experience do you want to offer? 
  • What is inside when the customer opens the box? 
  • Consider branding the inside of the box or adding a handwritten note. You also need to introduce package design blog posts and client-created package design examples.


So, these are some of the main things that you guys need to know if you are trying to run a business online. Your customized packaging will help you stay ahead of the game from your competitors. Your packaging is a big part of your marketing and branding. So, never skip its importance because it can haunt you in the end.

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