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How Can You Get a Perfect Lipstick Box

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Lipsticks are among those makeup items which have never and will never go out of fashion. We have known about lipsticks since the day we learned about makeup. I bet there isn’t a girl whose makeup collection is complete without a couple of lip colours. Whether you like them matte, glossy, liquid, or in whatever form, lipsticks are a must have for every makeover. Ranging from funky vibrant shades to the deep mature tones, they are available in innumerable hues. You can choose the one that complements your attire and goes with the occasion. Lipsticks literally add colours to all occasions.

It is because of this ever increasing demand for the lipsticks that the makeup brands are always trying hard to stay in the market. The competition in this market has never faded just as the demand has never gone down. To cope up with this fierce competition, the makeup companies keep introducing new shades, and new forms of lip colours. However, that alone is not enough. Besides the quality and variety, another important factor in the success of any makeup brand is how they present their products. In other words, retail packaging has as decisive a role to play in today’s market as the quality of the product itself. Keeping in view this undeniable importance of packaging, here are a few tips on how you can get the most professional custom lipstick boxes for your brand.

Pay the Utmost Attention to the Quality of Printing

Printing can easily make or mar the overall look of any packaging box. No matter how stunning your box design is, if the quality of printing is not good enough, it is a wastage of the resources. 

In order to ensure quality printing, you need to choose a lipstick boxes wholesale manufacturing company which uses the most advanced printing equipment. For both the offset and digital printing, it should employ the best possible resources. Besides, the printing staff should be knowledgeable enough to pit that equipment to its best possible use. 

Moreover, since the lipsticks are all about colours, here the precision of shades matters more than anything else. Your potential customers are going to pick up a lipstick based on the shade you’ve mentioned on the box. Hence, you must ensure that there isn’t a slightest difference between that shade and the lipstick’s actual shade. Your packaging company should be using the highest quality inks to bring about the ultimate accuracy of the colour. 

The other important thing to look after is the visual balance. When it comes to printing the graphics and text should be printed in a way that the box looks aesthetically pleasing. It should not be overcrowded with the printed stuff. There needs to be some blank space as well to create a balance. And still, it must not miss any important information. 

Attention should be paid to every tiny detail. Whether it is the font size, the text placement, the lettering, or the selection of colour combination. These tiny things are going to represent your brand and help your customers recognize you. Hence, pay attention to every detail. 

Always Ask for a Physical Sample

When you place an order with a box manufacturing company, almost every packaging company offers a complementary digital sample of the box whether it is flat or 3D. This can be helpful in visualizing the final look of the box. However, what this digital sample does not tell you is how accurate the size of the box is. Similarly, it cannot tell you what the quality of the finishing used by the company is. Here, a physical sample can be very handy. It can save the packaging company a lot of embarrassment, and it can also save the customer a regret at the end. 

However, most of the packaging companies charge a bit extra for providing a physical mock up. But this amount is always worth it. It is highly recommended that you go for a physical sample besides a digital one. You can use it to put your product into it and have a look at the size and shape along with the quality of the final finishing. 

Don’t Forget to Choose a Coating

Coating your packaging box into a quality finishing is not something secondary. If you want your packaging to stand out and be able to represent your brand in style, you must finish it well. A final coating can add a tinge of luxury to your boxes and give your brand a premium image.

Besides, it also adds an additional layer of protection to the packaging boxes and folding cartons keeping them from wearing off too soon. Some of the commonly offered coating options by most of the box manufacturers include gloss finish, aqueous coating, semi gloss finish, matte finish, rose gold, and others. 

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