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Your Guide To Building A 1940’s Winter Fashion Wardrobe

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If you’re like me, then you constantly find yourself enchanted with old pictures of yesterday, especially the 1940’s. The 1940’s was such a unique time in fashion history with America trying to conserve materials for the war, but nonetheless, the fashions were, and still are something very special. To learn how to build a fabulous winter fashion wardrobe inspired by the 1940’s, then continue reading.

1. Invest in knit skirts.

Knit skirts were worn so much in the winter time during the 1940’s. They were worn with lace   blouses, sweaters, layered with cardigans, and accessorized with vintage, high waist belts. Knit skirts were so popular in the 1940s because they were so versatile. They could be worn in the office, for a casual date night, and much more! They are probably my favorite 1940’s piece to wear during the winter.

2. Stock up on leg wear.

And by leg wear, I don’t just mean stockings or pantyhose, although those were also worn quite frequently in the 1940’s, too. Sometimes, those classic nylon stockings just weren’t warm enough, so women had to turn to a cozier solution – tights. Tights in dark colors like brown, black, and gray were worn with knit skirts, long dresses, and coats during the 1940’s. I have noticed that school girls wore knee high socks with their skirts during the winter, too. Some women wore these socks with ankle boots.

3. Cardigans, cardigans, and more cardigans!

Did I mention cardigans? Seriously, this is one of the easiest ways to pull off 1940’s winter fashion. Cardigans were, and still are such a versatile piece of clothing. In the 1940’s, women wore cardigans with their dresses for a casual day time look for school or work. Sometimes, cardigans were buttoned in place of a shirt and worn with high waist skirts or trousers. Decorative cardigans were especially popular during this time, and many had special embroidery or designs along the top. To dress up a plain cardigan, many women often pinned fashionable brooches.

4. Layer up!

This goes for tights, dresses, skirts, scarves, and cardigans – pretty much most articles of clothing! Some of the most elegant, beautiful 1940’s winter fashion looks are the ones where the women are wearing fancy fur coat dresses with thick tights and high heel boots. Sometimes, a dress just looked better when layered with a fashionable pair of tights and a coat.

5. Two words – dress up!

You can’t say that you have a 1940’s winter wardrobe without owning at least a few killer vintage dresses. In the 1940’s, swing dancing was all the rage, and women loved wearing swing skirts and swing dresses. These beautiful, full skirts wore worn with poofy petticoats and high heels. Some of the most popular 1940’s winter dress colors were red, black, navy blue, and brown. Plaid and polka dots were among the most popular dress and skirt patterns in the 1940s.

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